Day trip from Beijing

In a previous post here, we talked about three short-haul trips from Beijing . However, there are quite a few more possibilities and today we’ll be talking about how to get to another great location when you have a free weekend. As an intern in Beijing , you will most likely want to not only explore the city but also other cool places in the near vicinity. Shidu Located about 80km to the SW of Beijing , Shidu literally means “tenth crossing” because you need to cross the Juma River ten times in order to get to the town. The best time to visit is between March and October. What to do in Shidu ? Bamboo rafting down the river is a very fun and relaxing activity in Shidu. The cost is RMB 30 for one hour. Bungee jumping is also available for around RMB 200. If you’re going with...
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