Life in Shanghai: A Dumpling Destination

Shanghai is China's sweetest city. Well, at least from a culinary stand-point. Shanghai cooking uses the more sugar than any of China's 33 different sheng , or provinces. This translates to a large number of sweet and savory snacks to be found throughout the city. Another well-known culinary tradition in Shanghai  is the Shanghainese obsession with delectable dumplings. Steamed, pan-fried, soup-filled - though many different varieties can be found around town, I'll be introducing you to my two most favorite styles of dumplings, both of which happen to be indigenous to Shanghai. We know that interns get hungry, so here you go - eat your heart out! Xiao Long Bao (小笼包) - Tender, Soup-Filled Flavor Explosion The first time I tried Xiao Long Bao, it changed my life. I had no idea it was even possible to cram so much deliciousness into such a small, delicate package. Traditional pork or pork...
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