How to get Hired Online

Using the Internet to get hired
If you’re  looking for a job   chances are that you’re hitting the Internet instead of searching through newspapers or industry publications. With the majority of jobs being advertised online, making sure you’re  applying  correctly is more important than ever. At  Getin2China , we also post a sample of some of our China internship programs online. Here are some of the best ways to get hired online. E-mail Subscriptions Make sure you’re subscribed to as many job sites as you can, entering in as many details as possible. If there are a couple of sectors you’re interested in, make sure you tick them all, instead of just looking at one. Widen your range from the main recruitment websites to  industry  specific bulletins and sites – these more precise sites may come up with jobs that aren’t being advertised as widely. Social Media Sites Social media sites will be your best friend...
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