How Getin2China (Gi2C) Helped Me Learn Chinese

When I was in school, I kept hearing about how important China was, and how that economy was going to grow and grow, and perhaps even eclipse the economy of the United States. I figured that I had better learn the language, so I could stay competitive in the business world. I took a few Mandarin Chinese language classes in my school, but to be honest, I wasn't learning as quickly as I thought I should. I had no opportunity to practice outside of the classroom, and I just felt like the lessons didn't stick. One night, I was browsing the Internet, looking for tutors, books or anything that might give me a little bit of help. I started seeing references to www.Gi2C.org. Other students kept talking about the Mandarin Chinese language program ; how much they learned and how much fun they had while they were studying. I don't like...
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