Statistics and Data on Employment in China

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According to China's ministry of labor, the total population of China is 1.45 billion. The labor force is about 785 million as of the end of 2011. At that time, China’s workforce hit 764.2 million people, with 359.14 million employed in urban and 405 million in rural China. The number of migrant workers (people who temporarily live and work outside of their hometown) was 252.78 million, an increase of 10.55 million from 2010. The unemployment rate in urban China stood at 4.1 percent which is about 9.2 million people. The Ministry of Labor employment to increase by an average 3.2% per annum until 2015. Approximately 1.6 million foreigners are employed in China . Of those, foreigners teachers account for 82% with average salaries of 16,500 yuan per month. Average salaries for professional foreigners is 52,000 yuan per month.
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