Life in Beijing: 5 Favorite Chinese Food Experiences

Chuan'r in SanLiTun
Hai Di Lao Hot Pot
Dali Courtyard
Like Steve Jobs, we tell our interns to "stay hungry." We know that all of our interns come to China seeking personal and professional development. Most of the young people we host come for their internship in Beijing motivated, with a huge appetite for newness and opportunity. They also come to China with a huge appetite for all of the delicious Chinese food that can be found all-over Beijing and Shanghai. From street-side noodles to five-star fine dining, China has an amazingly rich and diverse culinary scene. Previously we featured a post - Life in Beijing: 5 Must-Visit Restaurants for New Interns Though this post is similar in focus, we have expanded the scope a bit to cover what we consider to be our 5 favorite "Chinese food experiences." There are times when food transcends its role of being simply sustenance and becomes something more. Those situations are what we call food experiences....
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