Life in Shanghai: Getting Shanghai'd!

We've gotten Shanghai'd. And now, so can you! The following post is a narrative about some of the best ways to spend a night out in Shanghai. It is common knowledge that Shanghai is mainland China's most cosmopolitan city, but most people have no idea just how cool this place really is. Whether you are looking for glitz and glamour or grungy chic, Shanghai has something for you. The evening is the best time to arrive. Shanghai comes to life at night, the bright lights illuminating the collision of commerce and culture. Modern China is on display and there is no better way to take in the show than on the bank of the Huangpu river with a cold Tsingtao and 10,000 other - mostly domestic - tourists snapping photos. Behind you is the elegance of the Bund. Sophisticated and a symbol of status, the Bund is a reflection of...
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