Exploring The Ancient Water Town Of Zhujiajiao With Gi2C

Some of our newly arrived Shanghai interns recently had the opportunity to explore to the ancient water town of Zhujiajiao which is just outside of Shanghai . This village has over 30 pedestrian bridges, which are the perfect place to stop and take a photo. Going under the bridges on a riverboat cruise is also a great way to experience Zhujiajiao. Let’s see what our Gi2C Group  interns had to say about it. This Chinese little old town is a very interesting one. It is the Venice of Shanghai and if you are interested in experiencing its beauty, you need to go to Zhujiajiao to explore it yourself. I felt privileged to have had the opportunity to visit this town that has so much historical value. I loved to see the Chinese landscapes and architectures. One thing I have learned from the tour was that Shanghai is not representative of...
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David Fieldman
Hello Yuri, Your interns seem in awe of that ancient town. Their feelings are reflected in the beautiful photos and heart-felt co... Read More
Sunday, 27 April 2014 06:23
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Three things to know about Beijing before you arrive

GET in2 China CCTV
Beijing is a vast cosmopolitan city constantly reinventing itself. For the short-term traveler or the long-term resident, the city is one that never grows tired. If you plan on doing an internship in Beijing , China’s capital, below are three things you should know before you arrive.  Hutongs . Located in the center of the city, or what is widely considered old Beijing, are charming lanes and alleyways known as hutongs . There used to be more than present, but the vast majority were wiped away in the name of development. But don’t fret. More than enough remain for you to explore as an intern in China . After having visited Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the city’s major temples, the hutongs remain. Because they cover a vast area of Beijing, you’ll likely only scratch the surface during your time in China . You’ll never grow...
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Day trip from Beijing: Qinhuangdao

Head out for a day trip from Beijing to Shanhaiguan
a trip to Qinhuangdao from Beijing
visit the shanhai pass near beijing, the perfect day trip
For those doing an internship in Beijing , believe it or not: There is a beach not too far away (especially if you're traveling at 150 km/hr on a bullet train). While it may not be Boracay in the Philippines , Phuket in Thailand or even up to par with some of China's other beaches , the beach at Beidaihe in the city of Qinghuangdao is worth the day trip to escape the concrete jungle that is  Beijing . And, Qinghuangdao has other sites worth exploring. So, add a bit of travel outside Beijing during your China internship program . Qinhuangdao awaits! (For other short-haul trips from Beijing, click here ) Understand Qinhuangdao  is divided into three districts: Beidaihe to the west, Qinhuangdao proper in the center and Shanhaiguan to the east. It takes an hour by bus or taxi to travel from Beidaihe to Shanhaiguan, so depending on what you...
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