Gi2C & Santa Claus bring a Merry Christmas to Chinese Orphans

While billions of people around the world celebrated Christmas by opening presents and eating good food with family,  Gi2C's interns  also had an enjoyable Christmas day by spreading holiday cheer to 100 Chinese orphans in ShunYi District of Beijing.  Interns and employees from Lewin International invited Santa Claus (a Gi2C manager ) from the North Pole to fly in and join the fun. Santa spent time chatting with each of the kids and asked their names, where they were from and whether they had been "naughty or nice". If they gave him the right answer (which they all did), Santa rewarded them with chocolates and gifts such as kites and games. Most of the kids had never met a real live Santa Claus before and they had endless questions about how the reindeer can fly, where does Santa park his sled, and what subway line goes to the North Pole!   Gi2C 's interns played basketball with the...
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