Internship Placement: PR/Marketing Internships in China

Career Opportunities Tailored For 'The Facebook Generation' Are you, like most of our generation, constantly connected? Do you find it difficult to pull yourself away from the Internet? Imagine Facebooking , Twittering , sending instant messages and updating statuses and pages while gaining working experience and making your CV different from that of the others. It sounds too good to be true but this is the kind of experience you could expect if you choose to intern in China's PR, marketing or advertising industries.  China's public relations and marketing industries have already stepped into new era - a digital era filled with social media and microblogs. People now shape their perceptions of the world around them increasingly via digital communication. Chinese netizens can, in a matter of hours, tarnish the impeccable image of a large company or make a hero out of some Average Joe. The power of 'Weibo,' China's twitter-like microblog,...
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