Meet Annie-Mei from Canberra, Australia – New Gi2C Intern in Beijing 798

Hi Annie-Mei! Tell us a little about yourself. I live in Canberra, Australia now but growing up I lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland right next to the beach. We used to go surfing in primary school for summer sport because we could walk across the road from school to the beach. I am 22 years old. Some exciting things I’ve done so far in life… I've been to a music festival in Serbia called EXIT, seen an active volcano on the island of Hawaii and was in Barcelona when Spain won the Eurocup final in 2012. I studied a Bachelor of Arts at the Australian National University majoring in Chinese (Mandarin) and Art History. I studied Chinese in high school and decided to continue with it. As for Art History, I came across it by accident when I took an Art History course as an elective. I really...
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