Biking in China

Biking is the best way to avoid traffic jams and get around town for free, but is it safe? That depends on your skill level! Biking  alongside millions of people in large Chinese cities such as Beijing or Shanghai can be a bit crazy and will definitely raise your heartbeat. While there are designated bike lanes, cars will use them at will to park or drive in and there are also pedestrians and motorbikes which will use them. Despite the danger of biking in cities where anything goes, we love getting some exercise while enjoying the hopefully fresh air and sunshine. So brush the dust off your secondhand bike and stay safe with the following tips: 1. Take it slow Slow and steady wins the race or in this case, keeps you alive. Until you become an expert at weaving in an out of traffic and people, biking at a...
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Day trip from Beijing: Qinhuangdao

Head out for a day trip from Beijing to Shanhaiguan
a trip to Qinhuangdao from Beijing
visit the shanhai pass near beijing, the perfect day trip
For those doing an internship in Beijing , believe it or not: There is a beach not too far away (especially if you're traveling at 150 km/hr on a bullet train). While it may not be Boracay in the Philippines , Phuket in Thailand or even up to par with some of China's other beaches , the beach at Beidaihe in the city of Qinghuangdao is worth the day trip to escape the concrete jungle that is  Beijing . And, Qinghuangdao has other sites worth exploring. So, add a bit of travel outside Beijing during your China internship program . Qinhuangdao awaits! (For other short-haul trips from Beijing, click here ) Understand Qinhuangdao  is divided into three districts: Beidaihe to the west, Qinhuangdao proper in the center and Shanhaiguan to the east. It takes an hour by bus or taxi to travel from Beidaihe to Shanhaiguan, so depending on what you...
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