Fajr’s Gi2C Internship in China

I am from Kerala, India. It is in the southern part of India near the Arabian Sea. My hometown is known for tourism and called “God’s own country”. I went to school in a Christian missionary school, which was 1.5 hours away from my home. However, it was a very supportive school and I was able to participate in numerous science fairs, and even won some of them. My childhood memories were always filled with beautiful places that I used to visit and also spending time working on science fair projects. I am 22 now. In the past 4 years after starting my architecture studies, I was able to design a few buildings on my own. I travel a lot and have been to all the states in India. Some of my trips even lasted 20-30 days. I did my bachelors degree in architecture at a university in Chennai. Architecture...
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