Gi2C Intern Ying’s PR Internship in China

I was born in Fujian, China, grew up there until age 17, and then I moved to New York City, US. I think the unique part of New York, for me, is the diversity and open-minded mentality. Since there is a large population of people from all over the world that are living in the city, I can feel a cultural mixing everywhere, and people easily accept other cultures. I was always involved in many city events, such as marathons, volunteering, various festivals, and no matter where I went, I could always find out something new about other cultures. I’m currently 24. I enjoy volunteering very much. I learn, care and share through volunteering. This year from February to May, I participated in an environmental sustainability program, and I gained knowledge about recycling, organic farming and forest protection. I hope I could have more time to continuously volunteer during my...
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