New Gi2C Intern Review: Jendrik’s China Internship in Finance

I´m from Ellwangen, a city next to Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Württemberg. Ellwangen is located in one federal state in the southwest of Germany. It´s a very small but historical city with an old castle and wall remains in its inner city. It was a great place to grow up, because I had both city life and nature nearby as well as the opportunity to explore a lot of sports. Now I´m 24 years old, sporty and have work experience in different areas. After I did my A-level, I worked as a volunteer in an ambulance team for a year. After I finished that, I decided to move to Berlin, the capital city of Germany, and started my study. I´m studying Finance Management in Berlin and am in my last semester. During my study, I have worked in an institute and learned practical experience. While participating in a seminar,...
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