Olli from Finland starts an internship in China

  “I am 32 and from Kuopio, Finland. What is unique about my hometown? Well, a certain well-known figure, Santa Claus, is from Finland and we have a very strong sauna culture.  Something interesting I’ve done so far in life is make a documentary of Iceland. In terms of my educational background, I studied International business in both Finland and Australia. While in school, I wanted to work at an embassy but later on in my career, when I actually did, I didn’t like it.  I will be interning at a virtual currency, trade and commerce company.  Although I don’t know what kind of work I’ll be doing exactly, I hope to learn some transferrable skills and meet new people.  I chose China because this country seems to be a major hotspot. I randomly found Gi2C and was interested to learn more about this country that was rich in culture....
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