Gi2C Review of the Best Five Restaurants around the East Third Ring of Beijing

Beijing is one of the greatest places to live if you’re into food. The authentic Chinese food in Beijing is delicious and extremely diverse, and you also have a multitude of international restaurants to choose from as well!  If you’ve just arrived in Beijing for your Gi2C internship and live relatively close to the second and third ring roads on the east side of downtown Beijing, you will want to experience the following five eateries for yourself:   1. Makye Ame Tibetan Restaurant 玛吉阿米 - 团结湖 Makye Ame has excellent Tibetan food as well as dinner entertainment.  The restaurant is very hard to find so make sure you find it on a map first and have the address in Chinese with you to show local residents if you get lost. Dinner for two is not cheap at around 500rmb (US$80) for four dishes but the Tibetan dancing and singing, which...
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