On Tour: UC Santa Cruz (Go Banana Slugs!)

October 5th, 2012: UC Santa Cruz Fall Study Abroad Fair Leading up to this event, we had heard rumors that the campus of UC Santa Cruz is actually located inside a Redwood Forest. When we arrived on campus, not only were the rumors confirmed, but we also found UC Santa Cruz to be a favorite in the nation's 'Best College Mascot/Team Name' Contest... University of California at Santa Cruz Banana Slugs. Roshni, Yuri, and Ben approvingly bought t-shirts from the bookstore to blend in with the other Banana Slugs. So I knew that we would have an interesting day, but never did a imagine that the Student Union would resemble a log cabin. The city of Santa Cruz is known for having laid-back, even slightly eccentric, locals. It is also known for being a gorgeous, and fun, coastal beach town. Redwood forests colliding with coastal beaches, the students at UCSC...
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