Gi2C China Internship Review: Meet Marketing Intern Karen

b2ap3_thumbnail_image1_20150629-130832_1.jpeg I’m from Auckland, New Zealand. A unique fact about New Zealand is that we have more sheep than people – about 2 per person. I’m 20 years old and something fun I’ve done so far in my life is visit Hobbiton and while I was there, all my friends said I was home (because I’m not the tallest person in the world). I studied in the USA and was an Economics & Music major because both areas interested me. Here in China, I will be a marketing intern at a software company that focuses on cloud services. During my time in China, I hope to build connections, gain experience and become more familiar with Chinese culture and how foreigners work in China. I chose to intern in China because I’ve interned in many different cities in the USA. However, I wanted to come back to China where I’m originally from...
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From Japan to China, Erika interns at a start-up

b2ap3_thumbnail_image1_20150311-062329_1.png I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I was born and grew up in Niigata prefecture, which is considered the countryside in Japan. My parents raised me to develop my curiosity and to not be afraid of a challenge. They never ever said “no” to what I tried to do (unless it was illegal, might hurt the others or was immoral).  Looking back on my life, I have experiences of failures, but I don’t have any regrets that I didn’t do something because my parents said no.  I have just turned 22. My life is somehow strongly connected with social innovation and overseas. After I entered university 4 years ago, I was working for the biggest worldwide student organization called AIESEC for 3 years. I supported Japanese university students who are willing to do their internship overseas by consulting and developing our products. I learned how much making an impact on each person...
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