A business lecture from LehmanBrown to Gi2C Interns, post release

Last Thursday, April 30, 2015, a group of Gi2C interns had the opportunity to listen to a business lecture from LehmanBrown Director, Kiran Patel. Mr. Patel explained some background about China's economy and provided data and analysis about the current market situation. He also shed some light on the numerous factors one needs to consider before starting a business in China and the legal and monetary requirements to do so. Doing business in China is difficult and risky. Mr. Patel touched on a few areas that are common problems for foreigners conducting business transactions in China. He also explained a little about the Chinese accounting and tax systems which is a complex subject. As with any business, knowing the labor laws in your country is crucial to operating a legal company. Mr. Patel explained the basics about Chinese labor laws and the differences involved when hiring locals and hiring foreigners....
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