Doing Business in China Series: Gi2C Interns in China to receive a Lecture on Doing Business in China by LehmanBrown

On Thursday 30th April, a delegation of China interns from Gi2C will receive a lecture from LehmanBrown for an insight on what it takes to effectively conduct business in China. LehmanBrown Director Kiran Patel will lead the session and will focus his talk on the following key areas: • An overview of China’s economy • Analysis and understanding of the market • What setup considerations apply to establishing a business in China. • The business risk areas in China for Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE’s) • The Chinese Accounting and Taxation systems • Foreign currency repatriation • Chinese Labour law • Opportunities that exist for Foriegn Invested Enterprises in China.   If your university is interested in bringing a delegation to visit LehmanBrown for insights on doing business in China, please contact us for further details . Details about the event found here .
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