Under 24 and Looking for a Job? 5 Simple Ways to Beat Age Discrimination

Often when people hear “age discrimination” related to hiring, they imagine older people being discriminated against because they didn't grow up in the computer age and struggle with emailing (not to mention navigating the complex and over-stimulated world of social media). However, young people are often discriminated against even more than older people because these young‘uns don’t have any or very little work experience. We’ve all been there. We have all been stuck in that unhappy place of needing work experience but no one is hiring people without work experience! Well, here are 5 simple ways to get you unstuck and hired:   Be industrious. Any and every young person should be involved in more than one of the following: sports, music programs, community events, volunteering, church groups, internships , language groups, study groups, art programs, traveling, studying abroad, theater groups, speech club, competitions – goodness, even book club counts. ...
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