New Gi2C Intern Review: Jendrik’s China Internship in Finance

b2ap3_thumbnail_image1_20150501-093626_1.jpeg I´m from Ellwangen, a city next to Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Württemberg. Ellwangen is located in one federal state in the southwest of Germany. It´s a very small but historical city with an old castle and wall remains in its inner city. It was a great place to grow up, because I had both city life and nature nearby as well as the opportunity to explore a lot of sports. Now I´m 24 years old, sporty and have work experience in different areas. After I did my A-level, I worked as a volunteer in an ambulance team for a year. After I finished that, I decided to move to Berlin, the capital city of Germany, and started my study. I´m studying Finance Management in Berlin and am in my last semester. During my study, I have worked in an institute and learned practical experience. While participating in a seminar,...
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Meet Gherardo! New Gi2C Finance Intern from Italy.

b2ap3_thumbnail_image1.png Gherardo grew up in a small Italian town with a huge reputation. Cortina d’Ampezzo, which is known for its beautiful mountains, is also touted for being a “winter sports mecca”. As a result, 23-year-old Gherardo loves to ski and mountain bike among other active winter and summer sports. Sadly, China is not known for being a ski destination so Gherardo will have to give up his favorite activity during his internship. However, China is infamous for other activities such as ping-pong so now might just be the perfect time to learn some new sports! He studied business and economics because of the large number of opportunities that this major provides. Fluent in Italian and English, Gherardo is also learning German. However, he probably won’t be adding in Mandarin at this point in time as learning more than one language at once is quite confusing.  Many China interns from around the...
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