Top 7 ways to fast track your career in China

Just starting out in China and wondering how to be seriously considered as an applicant and respected by local companies? This article is for you. 1. Develop a skill that is greatly needed in China Show China that, as a foreigner, you can do more than teach English. China needs skilled workers, particularly in technical areas such as IT, construction, pharmaceutical R&D, engineering, and geology (oil exploration). 2. Learn Chinese The only way you'll ever get far in China is to learn the language  and understand how to do business like a Chinese person. Tip: learn idioms & slang and perfect your pronunciation to especially "wow" your audience. 3. Don't stop studying Beyond language and culture, learn China's history and geography. The more you become a Sino-expert, the more opportunities you will have. Know current movie stars or singers to impress the younger crowd and icons or business leaders to...
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