Dragon Boat Festival

b2ap3_thumbnail_image001_20140603-055053_1.png Get your boats ready to race and grab 21 of your closest friends! China’s dragon boat festival has arrived. You may have a three day weekend but don’t make the mistake of staying at home relaxing during this public holiday. Why? You’ll regret missing out on stuffing your face with the many different types of zongzi (mini pyramid shaped sticky rice) and taking part in the festivities. Ideally, you’ll want to travel to one of China’s main cities that are near water. Hong Kong has the most professional races and was the first to start international dragon boat races which have now spread around the world. While you’re watching the races, grab a wide variety of zongzi to sample. This sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves may have several different fillings including pork, bean paste, dried dates, red beans, egg or chicken so check to see what’s inside before you buy. If...
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Life in Beijing: 5 Must-Visit Restaurants For New Interns

As soon as new interns arrive in Beijing, they are itching to get a taste of what the city is all about.  One of the best ways to gain an understanding of local culture is to sample the wide variety of cuisine available in China's capital city. After getting interns sorted out at our internship orientation, one of the most common questions our new arrivals have is, "where should we eat?" In response, we have decided to compile this list of 5 Must-Visit Beijing Restaurants For New Interns. 1.) Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant All Beijingers know that there is no meal in the city that screams "BEIJING" more than Beijing duck.  The city is flush with award-winning duck joints. Deciding which restaurant serves the "Ultimate Beijing Duck" is largely a matter of personal preference.  Some poultry purveyors prefer the layers of juicy fat found underneath the golden brown skin of Quan...
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Guest — Chinaintern
Haidilao is the best! I could eat there every week.
Tuesday, 12 May 2015 17:24
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