Working in China: Top Career Opportunities for Expats

b2ap3_thumbnail_image1_20150721-112526_1.jpg Interning in China can be a great way to get the contacts and experience you need to land a full-time job in China. If you want to live in China for several years and have a successful career, here are the top ten hottest jobs for expats in China. 1. Marketing Chinese companies are in a race to expand and sell to an international market. They need foreigners who speak multiple languages and understand the nuances of international business. To land a marketing job in China, you should be social media savvy and preferably good at design and ad creation. 2. Project or Product Management Do you know how to take an idea and plan and put it into action? Can you manage timelines, deadlines and budgets? Chinese companies doing business with foreign companies need someone on their side to help ensure that their project or product is successful. You...
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Meet Tahnoon, a new Gi2C Intern from Abu Dhabi

b2ap3_thumbnail_image001_20150113-075820_1.jpg Tahnoon grew up in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Along with China, this Middle Eastern country has also developed a great deal in a short period of time. Tahnoon told us, “The country was changing so fast that it felt like it was growing up with me.” In only 22 years, Tahnoon has learned English, Bengali, and Hindi along with “slightly broken French and a bit of Arabic”. He studied Business and Economics in London since his friends and brother were also there. So what brought him to China? Tahnoon chose China because “China is leading the world in terms of finance and has recently overtaken the U.S. as the world’s largest economy (in terms of PPP). Experience from China would be invaluable for the start of any career. Also, China is a beautiful country, I hear.” He learned a little bit about China ahead of time from other friends who had...
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Top 7 ways to fast track your career in China

b2ap3_thumbnail_image001_20140612-054329_1.png Just starting out in China and wondering how to be seriously considered as an applicant and respected by local companies? This article is for you. 1. Develop a skill that is greatly needed in China Show China that, as a foreigner, you can do more than teach English. China needs skilled workers, particularly in technical areas such as IT, construction, pharmaceutical R&D, engineering, and geology (oil exploration). 2. Learn Chinese The only way you'll ever get far in China is to learn the language and understand how to do business like a Chinese person. Tip: learn idioms & slang and perfect your pronunciation to especially "wow" your audience. 3. Don't stop studying Beyond language and culture, learn China's history and geography. The more you become a Sino-expert, the more opportunities you will have. Know current movie stars or singers to impress the younger crowd and icons or business leaders to impress...
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Anything but English teaching!

b2ap3_thumbnail_image001_20140314-074737_1.jpgAs a foreigner in China, the one question you will most likely be asked by curious Chinese fans will be, "Are you an English teacher?” The reason being, most foreigners in China are only able to find jobs teaching English.  However, there are several unconventional ways to get a non-teaching job in China and ironically one of the easiest ways is to start out teaching English. You might ask, why start out as a teacher when you're looking for a non-teaching job? Well, it provides you with the perfect inroad to your future career. Here's how to do it. Select a Chinese company that is a key player in your desired industry. After confirming with your Gi2C Group contact that your favorite company is not currently looking for professional interns see if their Chinese staff need assistance improving their business or oral English. Sell yourself to the company by knowing who their target...
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Yeah, I can only find English teaching jobs in China! So hard to find real business jobs. I guess China has so many people, they d... Read More
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