Internship Placements: Abdu & Omar (Saudi Arabia)

Even though Shanghai is considered China's financial center, there are still plenty of business and finance internship opportunities in Beijing .  China's economy continues to grow at a lightning fast pace, attracting investment from all corners of the globe. The two gentlemen pictured above, Abdu and Omar, understand the importance of gaining a sound understanding of China's business environment and have decided to participate in a one-month internship at an International Accounting Firm in Beijing. As first year Accounting students at their respective Universities in Toronto and London, Abdu and Omar are hoping to set themselves apart from their fellow classmates and gain a significant advantage in the job hunt by participating in this summer internship with Willsonn Partners. With locations in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou - as well as liaison offices in Chengdu, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore - Willsonn Partners (WSP) is a multi-disciplinary consulting and Certified Public...
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