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Gi2C Intern Ying’s PR Internship in China


I was born in Fujian, China, grew up there until age 17, and then I moved to New York City, US. I think the unique part of New York, for me, is the diversity and open-minded mentality. Since there is a large population of people from all over the world that are living in the city, I can feel a cultural mixing everywhere, and people easily accept other cultures. I was always involved in many city events, such as marathons, volunteering, various festivals, and no matter where I went, I could always find out something new about other cultures.

I’m currently 24. I enjoy volunteering very much. I learn, care and share through volunteering. This year from February to May, I participated in an environmental sustainability program, and I gained knowledge about recycling, organic farming and forest protection. I hope I could have more time to continuously volunteer during my lifetime.

I studied in New York and my major was finance. I had a year of work experience at a life insurance agency, and it made me think of the importance of planning one’s financial future, so I wanted to study more deeply in this field. Therefore, I chose this major as the start of my personal finance plan.

Here in China, I am going to intern at a public relations agency. They mainly focus on technology companies. I will be doing some document translation, press release writing, and marketing research. I hope during this internship I could gain more experience in an office environment, improve my writing and research skills, and also network.

It is going to be my first time going back to China since I left 8 years ago! So I chose China to do my internship because it was a must-do thing for me after my college graduation. Since I just graduated from college, I figured that I have time to explore as many new things and places as possible. And I would like to start the exploration in my home country. In terms of what I already know about life in Beijing: I know there is severe air pollution, that it’s a crowded city, and you always need to be aware of theft.

I found Gi2C through my school website, so I knew this organization should be legit and secure. Later on, when I had an interview with Gi2C staff, I felt they were friendly as well. So I decided to find the internship placement through this program.

All I did to prepare for my China internship is get familiar with the layout of the city and all kinds of public transit, so that I will not get lost in the big city.

I am a native Mandarin speaker. I speak both Mandarin and English. I also studied elementary Japanese when I was in school, but I think the grammar in Japanese is very difficult for me to learn. My opinion about languages is that we cannot use the same way to study different languages, because there are different language systems.

All my family and friends were very supportive when I told them about this internship in China, and they also encourage me to explore. I’m definitely going to miss my family and friends in New York the most.

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