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New Gi2C Intern: Tyler’s China Internship in Business Development


I was born in Arnaudville, Louisiana, which is a small southern town of about one thousand people near the bottom of the United States.  Starting at age 10, I was raised by my grandmother as well as my aunt and uncle. Living out in the rural part of town allowed me to grow up appreciating the peacefulness of the countryside including the beauty of nature.

I just had my birthday and am 23 years old. One of the cooler experiences I’ve had was being able to go and walk up on the Skywalk which overlooks the Grand Canyon. A two-inch thick piece of glass is all that keeps you from a couple thousand feet fall to the river below. That first step was one of the more exhilarating moments of my life. 

From 2011-2012, I studied linguistics with an emphasis in Mandarin Chinese. I chose this area because I felt it would give me a great opportunity to learn and experience other cultures in the rawest form. I hope to continue learning many languages throughout my travels.

I will be interning at a business development company. Their main services include taking raw statistics and evolving that into a form of profit. Data analysis will play a major part in this internship. The company also hosts events allowing companies and individuals to build profitable relationships. Having some language skills, I am also hoping that I will be included in some forms of interpreting and translating. I always enjoy speaking and meeting with new people.

During this Gi2C internship, I am hoping to receive a better fundamental understanding of the business development world. I am most looking forward to seeing how ideas and numbers are turned into successful businesses, which become known around the world.

Working in China has always been a dream of mine. After studying in Beijing for six weeks when I was younger, I was always determined to continue learning the language and culture in order to create opportunities for me to return to this flourishing country.

China is a country unlike any I have been to before. Before visiting for the first time, I was truly unsure what to expect from such a large and different country. However, many of the notions I had heard about China proved true; the people are welcoming, the food is amazing, and the culture is rich. Compared to being born in a relatively young country, China opened my eyes with physical proof to just how old our human ancestors truly are.

Gi2C was an easy choice. After scouring forums and review boards, it was nearly impossible to find a negative review about the company. The processing has been simple and painless. I continue to look forward to my journey with this company.

Before I left for China, refreshing my language skills has been a must for me. I have also been trying to read as much about my internship company as possible. However, the biggest thing that I have been able to do was come home to see my family for two weeks before I make this big move.

Knowing Mandarin already has given me a slight advantage in my move to China in that communication will be a much simpler process for me. As someone who struggled learning this beautiful language, which does not have an alphabet, I can attest to the fact that it does truly get easier once you know the basic characters that are used every day. To everyone out there learning the language, remember not to give up! Learning a language is not a sprint but rather a marathon.

Having the support of my family after telling them my goals to do an internship in China meant the world to me. I am the first one in my family to ever leave the United States. They continue to support me in every aspect of life that I choose to pursue. I will most miss my little nephews who are now in elementary school. It is always tough leaving them because they are still young and don’t understand why it is sometimes necessary to leave home. However, the look on their faces when I come home makes it all worth it.

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