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Fajr’s Gi2C Internship in China


I am from Kerala, India. It is in the southern part of India near the Arabian Sea. My hometown is known for tourism and called “God’s own country”. I went to school in a Christian missionary school, which was 1.5 hours away from my home. However, it was a very supportive school and I was able to participate in numerous science fairs, and even won some of them. My childhood memories were always filled with beautiful places that I used to visit and also spending time working on science fair projects.

I am 22 now. In the past 4 years after starting my architecture studies, I was able to design a few buildings on my own. I travel a lot and have been to all the states in India. Some of my trips even lasted 20-30 days.

I did my bachelors degree in architecture at a university in Chennai. Architecture is an area were I have the freedom to express my thoughts and ideas.

In China, I will be interning with an architecture firm, which mainly concentrates on commercial buildings. I will be working on design, assisting the senior architects and project team, and doing on-site and off-site work. I hope to get more work experience and better knowledge in the field of architecture at the end of this China internship.

China is one of the fastest moving countries in the world, the people have exceptional skills and new technologies are emerging in the field of architecture. That was the reason why I wanted to do my training in China. And I also wanted to see how things are done in this country.

I chose Gi2C because they gave me better information about the process and procedures than others and it had better ratings and reviews compared to others. To prepare for my move, I did a lot of online research.

I had seen many people saying Mandarin is must to survive in China. I know it’s tough and might take time to learn. I currently speak English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam (native Indian languages). As far as my experience with languages goes, yes it helps to know more than one language when learning new languages.

My family’s first reaction was not to go abroad, and then later, they all said to choose a different country like the USA, Australia, or Europe. But after a period of time, they understood about China. Some of my classmates in college were exited because they knew quite a bit about China. Now everyone is happy about me interning in China although they all worry about the language issue.

I am going to miss my friends especially because I just finished four years of college. I am really going to miss my random photography trips that I used to have and my favorite coffees.

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