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Gi2C Intern Zuhaib’s China Architecture Internship


I am from Huddersfield Town in the Yorkshire & Humberside region of the United Kingdom. What makes Huddersfield so unique is that it is the largest town in the UK; it is a small town where everyone is united and kind to one another. Even though it is a small town, you can find something that fascinates you every day.

I am 20 years old and so far there have been many exciting things that I have done in my life but the top of the list would have to be fighting cancer and winning.

Currently, I have completed my second year of Architecture/Architecture International. In school, I was always passionate about art and architecture and I have always excelled in the field of art. I was the first in West Yorkshire and possibly the UK to be awarded the Young Creative Entrepreneur title with my own art business. Studying architecture allows me to combine my creative flare with my passion for architecture.

The company I will be interning at is a world-renowned architectural practice known for its constant innovation and creativity. I do not have much information on the work I will be doing except that I will be assisting the team on the existing projects. I hope to gain lots of experience in the field of international architecture during my time in China. I also hope to meet new people and contacts that I can keep as friends even after the internship is over. I want to be able to explore Chinese culture and architecture and most of all, have fun at every opportunity.

China is one of the leading countries in the world in many ways and it is rising in prominence in the architectural field; it is full of rich architectural history and beautiful culture, which I find very exciting and want to explore.  Before coming to China, I planned to expect the unexpected when it comes to food choices.

I found Gi2C by chance online and after a lot of research, I decided to take the chance and apply.

I didn’t prepare very much for the big move as I am used to moving around. As a passionate architecture student, I am determined to explore the world hence this is just another trip, but with additional benefits this time. However, since I am severely ill, I have to take several precautions and medical preparations to make sure I stay fit and healthy the whole time I will be there.

I currently speak four languages and I am learning a 5th so I would say it is easier to pick up new languages after you know a few. Unfortunately I have not signed up for any Mandarin classes due to health priorities.

I am an orphan so I didn’t really have any family to tell. The friends I told were very excited and were/are happy for this internship; they are just worried for my health. I will miss being home and my friends a lot, they are my family after all.

Take care of yourself, Zuhaib! We wish you a full recovery and a great time in China.

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