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Gi2C Internship Review: Amy’s Interior Design Internship in China


I grew up in Australia, specifically Adelaide which is the wine capital of Australia. One unique thing about Australia is that our holiday season (Xmas and New Year) is always the hottest time of year. I’m currently 26 and something fun I’ve done so far in my life is to be part of the 2012 Olympics in London. I majored in Interior Decoration and Design in school. I chose that degree because I wanted to do something I enjoy and get paid for it.

I’m excited to work for a firm that I can learn from and grow with – a firm interested in design and the people they design for. For my China internship, the company I am interning at is focused on retail design. I will be primarily drawing and handling paperwork. What I want most out of my internship is to learn and to have fun. I also want to gain practical experience in a firm different from firms in Australia.

When people ask why I decided to do an internship in China of all places, I reply,
“Why not?” I want to learn more about the world and to get more inspiration.  I didn’t know what to expect and I knew that I had to do a lot of reading before my move to China. I read a lot about Chinese social norms, bussing (transportation) and what the retail world is doing … oh, and design. I also did a short 10-week crash course before I left, learning the Mandarin language.

I chose Getin2China to find a placement because Gi2C was able to find me an internship in my field, which is not that common. My family was surprised that I was going to China when I first told them about my internship, but not too surprised that I was leaving again.

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