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Gi2C Review: New Intern Vittorio begins his Gi2C China Internship


Born in Avellino, Italy, I moved to Scotland at the age of 19 after completing high school to pursue my ambition of becoming proficient in the English language while living in a country whose history and heritage had always fascinated me. Gi2C comment: Congrats on achieving your goal, Vittorio! Your English is excellent.

I am 24 years old and a few years ago, I met a group of people working for a charity that operates in Cuzco. I became involved in their activities, mainly producing crafts to be sold in markets in Italy, the revenues of which went to children in rural areas of the Peruvian Andes.  I then decided to travel to Peru and I was able to continue my charity work once I got to Cuzco, where I taught English to schoolchildren every afternoon for a month.

Living in Aberdeen, the oil capital of Europe and being exposed to its multicultural and diverse scene has spurred my interest in international finance, and thus, I decided to pursue a Finance degree at University and I am going into my final year in September.

Here in China, I will be interning for a company that focuses on overseas property purchasing and investment for Chinese clients who wish to purchase real estate properties in Europe. The company is also planning to transition into health care industry investment. I will be researching and analyzing the Italian real estate market, giving presentations and introducing the company’s programs to clients.

Hopefully, I will receive a full time job offer after the completion of this internship! Overall, I hope to gain more international experience in a country that many people in western countries still know very little about and learn more about the real estate investment process, day-to-day business activities and the decision making process of a company in China.

From an economic perspective, China is a very exiting place today. Many countries are experiencing shrinking economies and bleak job prospects, and China on the other hand has lots of opportunities to offer and I believe that an internship in China is a great way to understand the Chinese business culture and start developing a business network and other important skills that will provide a wide variety of options when looking for work. I expect that getting accustomed to life in China will be a daunting task at the beginning. Perhaps, I will find some similarities with some cities in Southern Italy; they can be crowded and chaotic too, only on a much smaller scale than in China.

I came across a job advertised by Getin2China while I was on Milkround searching for internships. I decided to go on their website and I found their program very interesting and I decided to give it a try. I think Gi2C does a great job in connecting people with companies in China, which would be very difficult on your own unless you have other connections in China already.

To prepare for my new life as an intern in China, I started researching information about the company and the country and I tried to memorize a few simple words of Mandarin that I thought would help me through the first few days. I also was advised to read a couple of books about business Chinese culture, which I did. Learning more Mandarin will be challenging, but I definitely want to learn the fundamentals of this language and I hopefully will feel a little more comfortable with it by the end of my internship.

My family has always been very supportive and they believe I made the right choice in deciding to go to China. I am used to travelling a lot and staying far away from my family for months at a time. I am still going to miss my dog though.

To Gi2C: This program has changed my life forever.
Congrats to Arion for winning the May Gi2C Share c...

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