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Gi2C Business Event: Gi2C Interns In China to Receive a Lecture by EIBENS Consulting


Pablo Recio Gracia, Managing Director, EIBENS Beijing Consulting

On Thursday, May 28th, Gi2C Group and EIBENS Beijing Consulting will welcome current foreign interns in China to join a business lecture at Gi2C HQ.

The Gi2C guest speaker this upcoming Thursday will be Pablo Recio Gracia, an expert in the Food & Beverage industry, with a special focus on consulting for imports, distribution processes and trade barriers. 

Pablo's background: A Bachelor in Business from the University of Granada and a Masters in Quality Management and Business Internationalization

Pablo has been living and working in China since 2005, and in his career, he has successfully supervised more than 50 interns. His experience includes working for public agencies including ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) and Extenda (Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia) as well as private companies such as GoldMillenium Group. Currently, he is Managing Director of a new enterprise called EIBENS Beijing Consulting.

Pablo will be sharing his professional expertise and personal experiences. Attendees will have a chance to gain insights on:

  • The business environment in China
  • Differences between China and European business
  • Startups
  • Consulting industry
  • F&B industry 
  • and more.  

Also, there will be some time for Q&A.  


EIBENS BEIJING CONSULTING was established in 2005, but is now realigning to focus on specialized consulting services in China.

The company is structured in 4 main business area:

1. The F&B Market in China

Providing services to Government agencies and private companies

Offering seminars and training on how to access China and finding partners for exporters or doing market research and related reports
2. Chinese Outbound Investment

Helping foreign clients, mostly from the European Region or clients interested in attracting Chinese investors

Providing market research and strategy planning as well as investment attracting implementation plans and everything in between.

3. Market access

Supporting foreign government agencies and companies to understand, research and access the Chinese Market in a variety of sectors.
4. Training

Seminars, organization of study tours and sector insight tours for foreign companies, agencies, universities, business schools or sector associations.

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