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Rafael from Brazil about his Gi2C Internship


I’m from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  One unique thing about Brazil is the great weather during the entire year and also the kind way that people treat each other, especially foreigners.  I’m 22 and have lived in Canada during high school and France for one semester during university. I studied International Affairs in Brazil and chose this area due to my huge interest in other cultures and passion to go abroad.

I will be interning at a pharmaceutical company which operates mostly in developing countries. Their main products are vaccines and medicines.  They are currently looking for partners around the world and working with local governments. I will be focused on export documentation and international marketing tasks such as finding new markets and making sure the products are in accordance with local laws.  My goal for this internship is to gain more experience in international trade and increase my network and business connections.

China was my internship destination of choice because it is an inspiring market and also the biggest trade partner of my home country. My preconceptions of China include different languages/dialects in each Chinese city, friendliness toward foreigners, and a restriction of information.

I chose Gi2C to help me find an internship placement because they seemed like an experienced and serious company. They also provided a great deal of support during your stay in China. To get ready for my move across the world, I did some research, and set up a VPN* as well as the Chinese social media app, WeChat so I can get into the culture.

Mandarin may be relatively easy to pick up for me as the more languages you know help you to learn others faster. I currently speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French. My friends and family went crazy, especially my mom, when I told them I was heading off to China for an internship, because I don’t know anyone in China and I don’t speak Mandarin.  However, after the shock went away, they realized that it was an important step for my professional life. I will definitely miss Brazilian food the most while I’m away interning in China!

*VPNs are needed in China in order to access certain blocked sites such as Facebook and Google.


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