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Marthe’s China Architecture Internship


I’m from DR Congo, Kolwezi city. It’s a small town so people are united and it’s kind of quiet which is why I appreciate it even more. I’m 21 and something interesting that I’ve done so far in my life is to help in a fundraiser for orphans and abandoned kids that raised over $100,000 in 8 months.

I’m currently majoring in Civil Engineering and Management at Jiangsu University here in China. I chose China for my education because it is a country that is currently excelling in Civil Engineering and in construction. I’m interning at an architectural company, which offers architectural schemes, interior design, planning and consultant services.  I’ll be an architecture assistant which basically includes:

Preparing, developing and reviewing architectural drawings in order to meet the specifications of the customer

Help the architectural team in producing the sections

Work with computer programs, such as: AutoCAD, SketchUp, etc. for drawings and different designs

I’m hoping this China internship will help me to acquire as much knowledge as I possibly can about architecture, particularly how to be a successful architect and how the professional world out there works. I’m hoping to really impress my supervisor and probably participate in a big project that could affect lots of people around me. I chose China for my internship because I am here already and it was very convenient given the reason why I’m studying here in the first place. Gi2C offered what I needed to secure this internship.

I’ve learned Mandarin and it’s quite an interesting language. I mean, it was very hard at the beginning, but you start to get used to it eventually. I also speak French, Swahili and a bit of Spanish. So I would say that it definitely helps to know other languages when learning new languages but not so much when it comes to Mandarin, as it is very different from most languages.

My family first wanted me to do my study and internship at home, but were supportive when I decided to do it in China. I miss my family, my friends and the food (my mom’s food is yummy!).

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