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Share your Gi2C China experience and win $1,000!

Share your Gi2C China experience and win $1,000!

Great news! We have a monthly contest just for you, current Gi2C interns. Are you ready to win USD$1000? All you have to do to participate is share your China experiences on whatever social media platforms you currently use. It doesn’t get any easier to win $1k than that! Here are the details: 

The first contest begins May 1, 2015 and ends May 31, 2015. The second summer contest will start June 1, 2015. USD$1000 will be transferred to the winner’s PayPal account within 7 days after contest completion.

How to Enter?

  1. Be a registered Gi2C intern that is currently located in China during the contest time.
  2. Email info@gi2c.org with links to the social media you are going to use for the contest. For example:






  1. Make your email subject “Gi2C Share Contest – your name”.

What to do?

  1. Make sure all of your social media profiles are set to public otherwise the judging team will be unable to see your posts.
  2. Share your China life and internship experiences and pictures at least 3 times per week via social media. 
  3. Use the following 6 hashtags every time you post: #gi2c, #gi2creview, #gi2cintern, #gi2cexperience, #gi2cgroup, #gi2cshare.

Judging Criteria?

Gi2C Contest Judges will rate each entrant based on the following 4 criteria:

  • Frequency: post every day to increase your chances of winning
  • Usability: post useful, accurate, and appropriate information about your internship and China experience
  • Creativity: post unique and interesting content across multiple social media platforms
  • Popularity: make sure your posts get as many likes and shares as possible

Don’t forget to enter asap and good luck!

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