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New Gi2C Intern Review: Jendrik’s China Internship in Finance


I´m from Ellwangen, a city next to Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Württemberg. Ellwangen is located in one federal state in the southwest of Germany. It´s a very small but historical city with an old castle and wall remains in its inner city. It was a great place to grow up, because I had both city life and nature nearby as well as the opportunity to explore a lot of sports.

Now I´m 24 years old, sporty and have work experience in different areas. After I did my A-level, I worked as a volunteer in an ambulance team for a year. After I finished that, I decided to move to Berlin, the capital city of Germany, and started my study.

I´m studying Finance Management in Berlin and am in my last semester. During my study, I have worked in an institute and learned practical experience. While participating in a seminar, I picked up Counter Retail Trader knowledge and got certified in it. I chose this area, because I´m fascinated by the markets, the economy in general and all transactions in financial markets. As well, I wanted to know how startups or SME’s start their businesses and how their management strategically deals with new markets in new countries.

I´m going to intern at an international venture firm in Beijing for a short-term internship in finance and investment. The firm serves as a bridge between businesses and investors. At the institute I was working at before, we had a similar type of business; therefore, I have some basic knowledge about how it works in Germany. For example, we offered several options for students in order to support them in building up their own company. We organized and accompanied all appointments to banks, registration offices, etc. Additionally, we calculated their financial plans and created a business plan together.

During this internship in China, I hope to get away from the typical way of thinking and doing business in Germany. I want to broaden my mind and get a deeper understanding of the Chinese economy, especially the finance and investment parts of it. Certainly, I also want to experience the Chinese culture and lifestyle in Beijing on my own as well.

China is the best choice for an internship, because it´s a completely new and different way of doing business in comparison to Germany. Considering the booming economy, China is more and more important in trading and investing around the world. Combine that with its interesting culture, and China seems to have a pleasant atmosphere for living and doing business.

I don´t have many preconceived notions of China and this makes it easier starting my internship open-minded and creating my own picture of China in all facets.

I chose Gi2C to help me find an internship because while I was looking for an internship in China, I realized that it was very time-consuming to find a perfect company and it was difficult to plan all the details as well as communicate with the company on my own. After I read about Gi2C, I didn´t hesitate and got in contact. It was without any obligation and a very friendly and helpful service. They told me the program’s structure and gave me all information I needed. This was the reason why I decided to plan my internship with Gi2C and I can really recommend it.

For my big move, I created an ever-increasing list with all things I need to organize. Starting with preparing needed documents, moving on to all health preparations such as vaccinations, and ending with learning Mandarin. My mother tongue is German and the second language I´ve learned is English. During my study, I´ve also started to learn the basics of Spanish. That wasn´t a language I really liked. Mandarin, instead, is in my opinion a very interesting language and I´ll keep on learning after my internship in Beijing.

At first, I didn´t tell my family or my friends what I was planning, because I wanted to be absolutely sure this trip would happen and wanted to surprise everyone with that good news.  At my birthday party in January, the whole family and my best friends were invited for dinner and then I told them that I´m going to do an internship in Beijing. For a short time it was absolutely silent and then some of my friends started laughing, because they thought I was kidding. I repeated it and showed them the invitation letter. Then everybody started asking me everything about the trip, the company and why I had chosen China for doing my internship. I don´t think I´m going to miss anything special about home. It isn´t my first time abroad and will not be the last time, but I´m still afraid that these three months will pass by all too quickly.

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