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New Gi2C Intern Review: Shanen from Indonesia starts Interning in China


I’m originally from Indonesia, but I went to a Canadian university in Toronto. Something unique about Toronto would be its harsh icy winter that can get as low as –38 degrees Celsius! I am 20 years old, going on 21 this year. I’ve lived half of my life all by myself studying abroad in Singapore and Canada, so I’ve been exposed to different cultures and all sorts of languages! That being said, it has made me more flexible and easily adaptable which is always a bonus when working abroad in a totally new place, which in my case, is China. I studied Finance in Toronto and I find that it’s such a fun and dynamic subject of studies and we just suit each other.

I am interning at an investment and financial advisory firm that focuses on AU, NZ and China business relationships such as investments, market entry, etc. The firm specially focuses on the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, which are apparently booming right now with the recent implementation of the AU-China Foreign Trade Agreement. It’s good experience to research and study so much about these countries’ economies.

My specific internship tasks will be researching the market and industry focusing on AU-NZ-PRC sourcing for prospective projects and clients and preparing the required documents. I hope to leave this company with so much more in-depth knowledge about Chinese markets and more developed research skills. I basically want to pick up numerous valuable lessons from this internship that will be useful for my future career.

Considering my background and the field that I want to excel in (finance), I believe China, especially Shanghai, offers a lot of learning opportunities for a fresh grad like me. Before I came to China I had heard some scary things about the country such as rude people, dirty smelly funky toilets, and poisonous food!  But that didn’t scare me off.

I chose Gi2C Group to find my internship placement because the first thing that popped up on my Google search was Getin2China. They were the first company I contacted and also the fastest to respond. To prepare for my move to China, I Googled as much as I could about Shanghai and survival tips from other expats. I also looked for any friends or connections I had in the city just to make sure I am not alone in this huge city!

My parents are really supportive of my latest move; in fact, they’re the ones who asked me to intern in China. Obviously, I am missing my family and the local food, and MOST IMPORTANLY: the personal bubble that we have back in Western countries.  Seems like I can no longer have a personal bubble here with so many people in Shanghai everywhere I go to!

Gi2C Group at a luxury property show in Beijing!
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