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Roman’s Marketing Gi2C China Internship Review


I'm from Kirovograd; it's in the Ukraine. It is a nice place to grow up because it's really unique, safe and has a clean environment and beautiful parks. It also has charming historical buildings, great masterpieces of architecture, and the first Ukrainian professional theater. 

I'm 21 years old and every minute of my life, I try to do interesting and colorful things. I am an open person and up for any challenge, physically or mentally. I am good at tennis because I started my tennis career when I was a child. I also like snowboarding. 

I studied in Barcelona, Spain and London, England. My majors were marketing communication, digital marketing and PR. I have chosen these areas because they are fast developing and require new, innovative thinking every day. In these fields, there are always more things to learn and techniques to practice.

I am interning at an international operating company that provides computer services and software for other businesses, such as Dell or Microsoft, or manufacturing brands like Sony, or Lenovo.  I will be doing a marketing internship and analyzing the market for my company. I hope to learn more about PR and HR of the company as well. I think this internship in China is an interesting and important part of my future career. It's a great opportunity to gain new knowledge, experience and a better understanding of the main economic center in the world (China). Also, it is exciting to have the possibility of new meetings, communications, and exchange of experience for my professional development.

I chose China to do my internship because of the culture, people and connectivity between businesses, which is lacking in the EU and the USA. Before I came to China, some of the things I had heard about it was that it is huge in terms of culture, historical meaning to the world, and geopolitical position which is really interesting to me as well as the structure of China’s cities. Also, China is perceived as one of the safest places to live.   

I chose Getin2China to find my internship placement because they can provide a real opportunity for me to stay in China for the long term and build a career here. To prepare for living in different places, I improved myself in all aspects. I also started to make a safe circle of people, which means I’m really selective about who to contact with and what to say. In our modern world, for me, it is crucial.

I’m have lived in many places and my friends and family are used to that so they weren’t too surprised to hear I was going to a new place. But when I told them the new place this time was China, of course, they were a bit shocked because Asia requires a completely different mentality. They knew I would need to acquire a great deal of new knowledge to succeed there.

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