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Gi2C Reviews: Piero from Peru Pursues a Consulting Internship in China


I am from Lima, Peru. I spent my childhood in my home country and then moved to the United States when I was 14 years old. By then I had experienced a substantial amount of culture that changed my way of looking at the world and my overall personality for the better. After I started living the cosmopolitan city of Miami, I began to become interested in learning foreign languages, traveling with more frequency and learning about other cultures. I am 22 years old and something interesting I’ve done so far in my life is that I acted in the Latin TV show called Sabado Gigante for a couple of months when I used to live in Miami. I also have backpacked all over Western Europe, as well as within the U.S. and this is my second time coming to China.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and another one in Political Science. I chose these academic fields because I have always been particularly interested in international politics and the different ideologies that dominate each country of the world. Since I was in high school, I have also excelled in the social sciences and learning foreign languages. I am fluent in both Spanish and English, but I also speak French, German and Mandarin at an intermediate level. I think learning languages is all about passion and curiosity. There are a lot of variables that come into play, such as age, inner skill and devotion to get out there and talk to other locals while trying to submerge into the culture as well.

The Chinese company where I am currently interning at is a consulting company. Its main goal is executive recruitment and consulting. My field of focus is to contact and recruit potential manager candidates for multinational companies. I know the basics of what I need to know about my job but still need more guidance and experience when it comes to approaching new potential candidates. Hopefully, at the end of my internship, I will have made strong connections as well as gained hands-on experience and knowledge about international commerce and business.

I chose to intern in China because it is the fastest growing economy in the world with endless opportunities in the labor market for multilingual workers with an international orientation. Also, I have already been in Shanghai for an academic semester, thus I am somehow familiarized with the city and living conditions of this country. What I’ve learned about China so far is that it is a very progressive country in many aspects such as infrastructure, technology and commerce, but it is also very backwards in other areas due to its lack of exposure to the external world. People live here through Confucian cultural codes like “Guanxi” and “Mianzi” and abide by a communal way of coexistence.

I didn’t do much to prepare for my move to China as my previous experiences from studying abroad had already prepared me. My former Chinese teacher was pretty helpful in finding me a place to stay and picking me up from the airport.

After I told them I was going to intern in China, my family and friends all thought it was a great decision and opportunity for securing a potential full-time job overseas. I chose Gi2C Group to help me find an internship and provide support because I thought it was the most convenient way and medium to get a foot in the door in the companies that might capture my interest. What I miss most about home is the Peruvian cuisine, my family, friends and the blue, unpolluted skies.

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