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Brett’s China Internship in Property Investment


I am from Gold Coast, the tourism capital of Australia.  It is quite different growing up in a place where people are always coming and going.  It is also different living in a city that is neither a business district, nor a surf town, but somewhere in between.  I am 35 years old and something interesting I’ve done so far in my life is that I have lived within a tribal village in Thailand for a number of weeks and also visited a number of similar villages during my 6 trips to Thailand.  Tribal food can be quite different.  Consequently, I have eaten monkey, locusts, bees, ants, goat, and nearly every part of the chicken.

I am interning at a property investment company.  I studied International Business with a major in International Management so this internship is in line with my business background.  I chose international management because I am fascinated by cultural diversity and want to travel the world. During my internship in China, I will be assisting with visa applications, projects and presentations as well as traveling on business within China. Ultimately at the end of my internship, I am hoping to secure a full-time position and be able to work a little longer in Beijing. It wasn’t a hard decision to decide to work and intern in China. When you are trained in International business, China seems to be the most logical place to get started.  It really is the international business hub of the world.

My preconceived notions of China include: Lots of people, competitive advantage in cheap labour, large electronics/technologies market, and rapid industrialization. I chose Gi2C Group to find a placement after I stumbled across it on Linked In as I was applying for jobs. I don’t have any experience learning Mandarin but I have tried learning Japanese at University and found it hard without opportunities to practice.  I am hoping that living in the country, while learning the language will make it less difficult. 

I will miss my friends and family.  They all thought I was extremely brave for doing this internship.

Are you thinking about a business internship in China like Brett’s? Easily apply here. What questions do you have for our interns or staff? Email us at info@gi2c.org or leave a comment below.

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