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Olli from Finland starts an internship in China


“I am 32 and from Kuopio, Finland. What is unique about my hometown? Well, a certain well-known figure, Santa Claus, is from Finland and we have a very strong sauna culture.  Something interesting I’ve done so far in life is make a documentary of Iceland. In terms of my educational background, I studied International business in both Finland and Australia. While in school, I wanted to work at an embassy but later on in my career, when I actually did, I didn’t like it. 

I will be interning at a virtual currency, trade and commerce company.  Although I don’t know what kind of work I’ll be doing exactly, I hope to learn some transferrable skills and meet new people.  I chose China because this country seems to be a major hotspot. I randomly found Gi2C and was interested to learn more about this country that was rich in culture.

I’m really looking forward to learning some Mandarin.  I expect it to be a challenging but beneficial experience. I currently speak Finnish, Swedish, French and English. I think knowing other languages in beneficial in terms of quickly understanding new grammar rules.

My family responded positively when I told them I was going to do an internship in China. I look forward to the new experience, but I will miss the clean air of my home!”

We look forward to hearing an update from Olli after his internship is finished! In today’s diverse environment, the more experience you have working abroad and with multicultural teams, the more successful you will be. There’s no doubt that China is one of the hottest international job markets at the moment. If you’re not sure how to make your way over to this exciting country on your own, Gi2C is here to help. Whether you’re interested in international business like Olli or any number of other industries, you can be sure that work experience in China will look great on your CV. For more information on how to intern in China, visit our website or email us at info@gi2c.org.

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