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Anna from Poland interns in China


Originally, I am from Poland but I’ve lived for the last 8 years in Bristol, England.   Something interesting about my hometown is that we have a fortress, which is several times bigger than the Tower of London. I am 28 and used to work in a classified documents office. For my personal achievements, I hitchhiked 1200km in Poland and bungee jumped from 56 meters. I have a master’s degree in Sociology with a focus on social communication and market research. In Poland, a master’s degree is considered basic education. I am not very good at math and in my country it means that you will have great difficulty to find a good paying job, so I thought focusing on market research might increase my chances in the job market.

I’m interning at a Chinese company which is building cryptocurrency platforms. (Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency.) This company combines social media, marketing and finance all in one.  So far in my internship, I’ve managed to learn our product very well and believe me it wasn’t easy task! Cryptocurrency is very new and the company covers many different fields.  I’m hoping to get new experiences and skills out of my internship. I chose China because it is a developing market while Europe is still in crisis. Because of that China can offer more opportunities then my home country or England. Plus, it was just a spontaneous decision I felt like doing.

I chose Getin2China to find a placement because they have quite wide and interesting range of internships. To prepare for the big move, I watched about one million YouTube videos which focused on China and language learning. I also had a couple one-on-one Mandarin lessons.  As I speak Polish, it helped me a lot to pronounce some words in Chinese (Pinyin). In Chinese, there are some syllables which contain sounds not existing in English, but common in my first language.  My family got me a “China. Manual” book for Christmas and I bought three maps of Beijing and I looked where Gi2C was located and where my work will be. As much as it is possible, I followed Gi2C news and read up on my new company. ☺

I didn’t have a lot of support about my decision to come to China. Almost all my friends tried to convince me that interning in China was a scam and advised me to be very careful.  My parents saw it as an opportunity, but they were also really worried (and they still are, but not that much). My boyfriend wasn’t very happy that I will leave him alone for three months but he’s kind of used to my crazy ideas! The thing which I miss the most is my family and friends. Apart from that, I am missing green spaces and clean air (England is so green even during the winter). Beijing is grey and polluted. 

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