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QY’s Gi2C Internship


I am from Shenzhen in the south of China.  It is a young coastal city full of people coming from different places. I guess growing up in a culturally diversified place teaches you how to understand differences. People are more open in this type of environment and I am glad that I grew up with that kind of influence around me. I am 23 years old and the most interesting thing I’ve done so far in my life is travelling and studying in different places around the world. I’ve been able to see different cultures and to complete my academics. This international experience has always been very exciting to me.

I was most recently studying in Australia and majoring in economics and finance. The reason why I chose this area was because, these days, they are hot topics and I did not know much about them.  I am interested in many types of companies; particularly investment banking that provides small businesses with funds.

I chose Gi2C to help me find an internship, as it is easier for me to find a short-term internship with their help and use the network they have already built up. I didn’t know much about exactly what I would be doing when I first began my internship, because the internship I applied for is a fairly new industry that textbooks don’t talk much about. I’m hoping to get some great experience from this internship, and possibly some clues about what I will study in the future. I am from China originally and chose China to do my internship so that hopefully it will be easier for me in the future to work in China when I finish studying. China is changing rapidly so getting work experience here in all stages of its development is useful.

Before coming to China, I did some decent shopping and prepared mentally. I speak Mandarin and English so I didn’t need to study the language prior to coming. Even though it’s my native language, Mandarin is very difficult to learn. My parents told me to get more warm clothes before I left home as it’s very cold in the north of China during the winter.

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