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Meet Gherardo! New Gi2C Finance Intern from Italy.


Gherardo grew up in a small Italian town with a huge reputation. Cortina d’Ampezzo, which is known for its beautiful mountains, is also touted for being a “winter sports mecca”. As a result, 23-year-old Gherardo loves to ski and mountain bike among other active winter and summer sports. Sadly, China is not known for being a ski destination so Gherardo will have to give up his favorite activity during his internship. However, China is infamous for other activities such as ping-pong so now might just be the perfect time to learn some new sports! He studied business and economics because of the large number of opportunities that this major provides. Fluent in Italian and English, Gherardo is also learning German. However, he probably won’t be adding in Mandarin at this point in time as learning more than one language at once is quite confusing.  Many China interns from around the world often report back that those 3+ languages can be a challenge. They sometimes unknowingly intertwine words from their second language with Mandarin, which to the amusement of their listener.  With all those languages swimming around in their heads, they even forget certain words in their native language! Some people, of course, have no problem with this linguistic balancing act, but for us mere mortals, it can be a challenge. Gherardo is smart to focus just on German for the moment.

Why intern in China? Gherardo chose the Middle Kingdom because it is dynamic and growing fast. He told us, “There is no better place than China to work on your flexibility and creativity.”  Very true! Often in China there is no black or white answer. And in those grey areas, creativity is essential. Gherardo chose Gi2C after doing some research and reading reviews of previous Gi2C interns (thanks for your feedback, previous interns!).  After being accepted into the program, Gherardo made sure to have his CV and cover letter up to date. This is a good annual activity for everyone to do, as it is extremely easy to forget what you accomplished one year to the next. 

Gherardo will be interning at a startup financial company, which is focused on the financial services sector. This is a fast growing industry in China at the moment as investments and loans are high in demand. Gherardo’s main goal for this internship is simply to get experience in the finance industry and to start building his CV.  China is the perfect place to get experience because it shows your future employers that you are willing to take a challenge and try something new. It also shows that you are cognizant of the fact that China is the new world mecca for business. We wish Gherardo good luck in his new internship and an easy transition from one mecca to another. 

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