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China internship discussion with Naomi B.


We love hearing personal stories from new interns about their background and why they chose to intern in China! Let’s see what Naomi has to say about her current one-month internship in Beijing.

I am 22 and from Nottingham, England. An interesting fact about Nottingham is that it was home to the legend Robin Hood. I have just completed my studies to become a Barrister [lawyer] in the U.K. I undertook my LLB Law Degree at the University of Lincoln and I went on to study the Bar Professional Training Course at Nottingham Trent University. I have always been interested in helping others and I believe a career in the legal profession would enable me to do that. I like meeting new people and problem solving and these are all things the legal profession has given me the opportunity to do.

I have just started my internship at a law firm in Beijing. My duties will include forming public relations with foreign embassies, writing and replying to individual consultation letters to clients, attending meetings, conducting research and drafting and amending legal documents. I am hoping to experience a completely different legal system to that which I already know from the U.K and E.U and I am also looking to experience a different culture. I hope to make many contacts and friends and to hopefully open doors to working in China again in the future.

I chose to apply for an internship in China because it was somewhere that I had not travelled before. I wanted a challenging experience and to embrace a different culture. China appealed to me because of the up and coming nature of the country and I knew that the connections that I would make here would be useful in the future. Before I travelled to Beijing I spoke to a few people who had visited before, the more people I spoke to, the more mixed the messages became as some people repeatedly told me it was ‘not for them’ and others expressed how exciting the city was. I decided to come to China with an open mind and make my own decision - I was not disappointed.

I chose Gi2C after I did some research into placements in China. They had excellent reviews and the prices were reasonable therefore I chose them to help me find a placement in Beijing.

I tried to plan for every occasion and every possible type of weather and my suitcase ended up being over the weight limit when I weighed it before leaving for the airport. After that little drama, I managed to unpack and repack only the essentials and off I went. I tried to speak to as many people as possible that had been to China before for hints and tips on what to expect and I read books on the city and made a list of places I would like to visit at the weekends. My family, friends and boyfriend were all extremely supportive when I told them I was coming to China. They helped me in every way possible to prepare for my trip and they were really excited when I told them that I was going to China. I am going to miss my family, friends and my boyfriend the most. Oh, and my mum’s Sunday dinners.

Previously, I have been away from home for 3 weeks before when I visited Sri Lanka in 2008 to volunteer after the tsunami.

Naomi made a great point about how everyone who comes to China can leave with a different opinion about it. Don’t trust what you read online or hear from people – China must been seen for yourself to truly understand it! We hope Naomi’s internship allows her to make many contacts and opportunities in the future.

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