Several weeks into their internship in Beijing or Shanghai, our Gi2C interns give us an update on what interning in China has been like for them and what they’ve learned so far about Chinese business culture.
Beijing is the political capital of China but also hosts the headquarters of many significant domestic and international companies. The communications and transport equipment industries are two of the top sectors in Beijing but you will find a wide variety of companies in all industries here in Beijing to do your internship. In your free time, ther...e is much to see around the city. Whether it be the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall or other lesser-known gems, your days will be full of exploring and enjoying busy Beijing. Read below to learn how to navigate around this infamous city and what to see. More
Shanghai is the financial capital of China and is known as China’s New York City. The best internships to do in Shanghai are in the finance services, real estate, and retail and wholesale industries. However, when you’re not working, where to go? These articles will show you the best places in town along with tips about how to live in Shanghai like... a local. More
Get the information you need before you come about what life in China is really like. These articles focus on daily life issues and topics such as how to ride the train in China and what actions might be ok in your country but are considered rude in China. Read general Life in China articles or specify by city. If you are doing your internship in S...hanghai, the Life in Shanghai section is just for you. Likewise, if you will be interning in Beijing, the Life in Beijing section will be of special interest for you. More
What should you put on your CV to get noticed? What are jobs like in China? What can you do to turn your internship into a full-time job? Implement ideas from these Career Advice articles that will set your career in China on the right track.
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