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Meet new Gi2C Finance Intern Tomas from Italy and Argentina!


Before becoming a new Gi2C finance intern in China, Tomas studied economics and international politics in Italy and Switzerland. Over the past three decades, he has had the opportunity to live in different countries, which provided him with an interesting perspective on life. Tomas will be interning in Shanghai at a finance company. He told us he can draw upon previous work experience in the field but looks forward to learning about China and getting more of the necessary financial know-how that all astute finance professionals need.

Tomas chose China because he has friends that have worked here and they said great things about working in Shanghai. He stumbled upon the Gi2C website by accident – isn’t life full of interesting coincidences! Tomas feels comfortable in China because he has a family member living here. He also is fearless to live abroad because he has lived in numerous countries before which is a great experience to have.

In today’s diverse environment, the more experience you have working abroad and with multicultural teams, the more successful you will be. There’s no doubt that China is one of the hottest international job markets at the moment. If you’re not sure how to make your way over to this exciting country on your own, Gi2C is here to help. Whether you’re interested in the finance industry like Tomas or any number of other industries, you can be sure that work experience in China will look great on your CV. For more information on how to intern in China, visit our website or email us at info@gi2c.org.

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