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Capturing the inner thoughts of first time Gi2C interns in Beijing

b2ap3_thumbnail_image001_20141203-083642_1.jpgNew Gi2C Beijing interns have arrived from around the world to start their adventure in China. Read about how each one decided to come to China.


What city and country are you from? What's interesting there?

Alessandra: I’m from Milan, Italy. I love Italy for its food, culture, history and arts.

Kyle: Perth, Australia. The city is famous for the best beaches in the world, being the world’s most isolated city and until recently (2012) being one of the last places on earth where shops weren’t open on Sundays (Sunday Trade).

Georgia: Bath, UK. It’s a Roman city.

Philippe: Basel, Switzerland. Its green, clear and has lovely countryside and the Basel Carnival.

Simon: Harbin, China. We have an infamous Ice Lantern Festival every January.


Your age and something interesting you've done during in your life so far.

A: 25. I lived in Australia for a year and a half to have a different type of life and test myself abroad.

G: 21. This summer I lived in Dublin, Ireland.

S: 26. I’ve traveled around the world and am very passionate about learning new languages.

K: 20. Played representative football at the Under-19 level.

P: 41. Owned my own business.


Whether now or in the past, what did you study? Why did you choose that area?

G: Journalism. I’ve always wanted to be a journalist. 

S: I studied history and foreign languages in London and Los Angeles. I’m eager to learn about new cultures and the history of those countries.

K: I have a Bachelor’s in Commerce and doubled majored in Management and HR.

P: I studied English in Australia and my business studies in Switzerland.


What type of company will you be interning at?

A: One in the design industry.

G: At a magazine company.

S: The education industry.

K: An import and export company.

P: A trading company.


What do you know so far about the kind of work you'll be doing?

A: Learning about the retail design in China and various design duties.

S: Contacting clients and using social networks via QQ.

K: I’ll be in the HR department and assisting with recruitment. 

P: Marketing and sales.


What are you hoping to get out of your internship?

A: Learn and improve my skills regarding design. Improve my computer skills and learn a new way of designing places, especially stores and boutiques.

G: I really want content for my portfolio and have a chance to write more pieces. 

S: A full-time educational coordinator job. I want to gain experience by working and learning about education systems in China. 

K: Business experience, a better idea of Chinese business and customs, new ideas and improved work ethic.

P: I hope to get experience in international trade while meeting good people and building up a network.


Why did you decide to do an internship in China of all places?

A: The economy in China is booming and I think I can learn new concepts and a new lifestyle. I can see a completely different approach to things plus a different work rhythm will improve my skills so I can meet my career goals.

G: I have always wanted to visit China and it is so different from the UK. Magazine journalism in Asia is really improving at a rapid and exciting rate. 

S: Because I love my homeland and would love to work here! I also would like to learn more about my homeland and introduce other people to China.

K: China is the world’s largest economy and they just signed a free trade agreement with Australia. 

P: China is the most important trading partner in the sports industry, which I used to work in.


What preconceived notions do you have of China?

G: That it’s an ancient culture that is also rapidly changing.

S: That it has a busy, fast-paced work environment, lots of people and many tall apartment buildings.

K: Heavily populated, growth oriented, communist.


Why did you choose Getin2China to find a placement?

A: It was an easier way to get an internship in China and have support during the internship stay.

G: I looked around and they seemed the best.

K: Looked like a credible company with great developmental opportunities.

P: Saw it on LinkedIn and compared it with other companies.


What did you do to prepare for the big move?

A: Organized everything, read about China and got in touch with people who had lived in Beijing before.

G: A lot of reading and research.

K: Took a beginner Chinese course.

P: Nothing special as I only had two weeks from signing the contract to my departure.


If you've signed up for Mandarin language classes, what do you anticipate learning Mandarin will be like?

S: I already speak the language… it’s very interesting!


When you told your family that you'd like to do an internship in China, what was their reaction?

A: They were really happy and surprised about my choice but they support me and help me in any occasion so they were happy about it.

G: They were nervous because none of them have ever been to Asia and they were worried about me doing it on my own, but they think it’s a unique idea.

S: Most of my family think it will be a waste of time but my friends supported me. I know that I will be successful if I believe in myself.

K: My dad worked in China previously and thought it was a great opportunity to increase my skill set and make me more employable in the future.

P: Some were excited about it and others were concerned… both sides of the spectrum.


What are you going to miss most about home?

A: I will miss my family and Italian food the most.

G: I’m going to miss being able to understand everything!

S: I don’t miss anything in the USA but do miss my friends.

K: Family and friends.

P:I already miss fresh and clean air!

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